Our machine is designed to allow for the injection of One to Six wires alternatively or simultaneously. Assortment of these machines allows precise feeding of Aluminium wires and cored wires from between 9 to 21mm wire sequentially or simultaneously at speeds from 0 to 300 meter / min.

The Machine is made up of the following elements:
  • Number of pinch rolls per strand: 3 Nos.
  • Box with cylindrical gearing with inclined teeth.
  • Funnel for the guidance of the wire.
  • Automation electrical equipment.
  • Heavy-duty time belts and time pulleys to avoid slip for Power transmission system.
Inject solid Aluminium wire and cored wire for
  • For controlling the shape of inclusions.
  • To improve fluidity and castability.
  • To improve the cleanness and cold ductility for wire drawing.
  • To control blowholes and improve machinability.
  • Desulphurisation in steel casting.
Salient Features
Up to 6 strands can be used for cored as well as solid wire with following specification.
  • For cored wire size up to 21 mm in diameter.
  • For solid wire size up to 16 mm in diameter.
  • Maximum speed of injection 300 M/min adjustable by variable A.C. / D.C Drive.
  • Can be used to feed wires simultaneously or sequentially at set speed.
  • Fully automatic with PLC Control.

We supply standard feeders as well as tailor-made units with all required accessories, such as:

  • Telescopic Feeding Tubes (Including Water Cooled)
  • Guide Pipes with Guiding Rolls
The acquisition and control machines with the following technical Characteristics:
  • Operating temperature: 0…55 ºC
  • Storage temperature: 50 …85 ºC
  • Humidity: 5 - 95 %, without condensation
  • Acceptable shocks during operation: up to 30 G, for 11 seconds
  • Vibrations peak to peak: 5 Hz - 2 Hz, 0.381 mm.
  • Isolation tension: 1500 V, AC
In order to avoid any incident during function, the machine is endowed with electric shutting off.

Control Unit
Auto-manual selector switch for initial operation control potentiometer to control speed of machine as per size and length of wire push buttons like start, stop, inch, reverse, Emergency

  • The following documentations will be accompanied with each supply.
  • Technical Description & Characteristics.
  • Functioning.
  • Instruction manual
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Assembly mounting drawing
  • List of the spares parts require for one year function.
Dimensions 1 Strand 2 Strand 4 Strand 6 Strand
Length 1000 mm 1200 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm
Width 800 mm 1000 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Height 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm 1900 mm
Weight 1200 Kgs 1800 Kgs. 3100 Kgs. 5200Kgs.
Technical Performances
Driving Power 10 H.P. AC 25 H.P. AC 50 H.P. AC 50 KW D.C.
Injection speed 0 - 5 M/ Sec. 0 - 5 M/ Sec. 0 - 5 M/ Sec. <0 - 5 M/ Sec./td>
Number of wires ONE TWO FOUR SIX
Tube (Wire) diameter 9 - 13 mm 9, 13, & 16 mm 9, 13, 16 & 21mm 9, 13, 16 & 21mm
Diameter of the motive pulling rolls 220 mm 220 mm 220 mm 220 mm
Diameter of the motive pulling rolls 190 mm 190 mm 190 mm 190 mm
Electrical Supply
Supply voltage for power 550 /380 VAC 3 Phase ±10% 50 Hz -+ 3 % 3 phase
Supply voltage for Control 110/220 /25VAC through double wound transformer 2.5 KVA
Other 25V DC
Enclosure main Size -App.2000mm x 600 mm x 500 mm, free standing, Protection - IP 55 Paint-powder coating Weight app.500 kg. To 900 Kg.
Dimensions of adding material coil
Inner Diameter 500 mm to 600 mm.
Outer Diameter 800 mm to 1500 mm
Width 800 mm to 1050 mm
Coil weight 1200 Kg. to 2800 Kg


Carbon and Flux Injection System


  • Self support steel frame for the Injector.
  • Skid cabinet for compressed air.
  • Fast fines flow rate stabilization.
  • The connections between the dispense rand pneumatic skid are made by flexible hose lines.
  • Equipped with moisture removing system to avoid clogging of valve.

Wire Feeder Machine

REMSO Cored wire feeding Machine can be use for wire injection for ladle refining furnace, ladle furnace, VD, VOD continuous casting, tundish and induction furnace.

  • Two Strand.
  • Variable Speed through AC/DC Drives..
  • Fixed Guide system.
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic cutting device
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Suitable for cored wire size from 6 to 21mm in dia
  • For solid wire size from 6 to18mm in dia
  • Maximum speed from 5M/min to 300M/min adjustable by AC Drive
  • Machines are PLC Controlled and can be interfaced with main PC like L.R.F or C.C.M or Nitrogen Purging station
The following Guide Systems can be possible on request at extra cost
  • Fixed Guide Pipe System.
  • Telescopic Guide Pipe Up and Down through Motorised and Pneumatically Actuated.
  • Swiveling Guide Pipe, Motorised and Pneumatically Actuated

More than 98% of our products have been exported to various countries as per customers' requirements. We can annually produce 100 Nos. in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 quality system

We welcome your visit to our factory and we will try our best to meet your different requirements with our qualified products, competitive price and considerate services.

Aluminum And Casi Wire Feeding System

Since our establishment in the industry, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Aluminum and CaSi Wire Feeding System, which is used widely in numerous industrial sector for variety of applications. Our customers appreciate us for its prime quality and impeccable designing duly taken care by professional engineers. Customers can obtain this range of product at a very reasonable price.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Highly efficient
  • Made using quality material

Aluminium Wire Feeder Machine

Being quality conscious firm, we are involved in offering a wide range of Aluminium Wire Feeder Machine. All our products are quality tested on well defined parameters pertaining to industry laid norms and standards. Our products are sourced from the most reliable vendors in this industry which ensures its low maintenance and durability. Our customers can avail this entire product range at pocket friendly rates.


  • Occupies limited space
  • Quality finishing
  • Better recovery

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