Remso Control Technologies Private Limited
Remso Control Technologies Private Limited
Kasna, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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Infrastructure & Facilities

Infrastructural Facilities

Growing as a reliable name, we have served various industries. Making significant progress, we have diversified our activities in the area of heavy equipment builder, technology supplier and turnkey contractor for undertaking projects. To satisfy our clients' needs and meet the industrial requirements, we have built up an advanced unit. The different facilities available with us include:
Equipment NameQty
Lifting capacity: 50 Tons1 No.
Lathe Machine1 No.
Grinding Machine1 No.
Drilling Machine 1" Cap.2 No.
Pipe Cutting Machine2 Nos.
Cored wire forming machine2 Nos.
Coiler2 No.
C.R Strip De-coiler2 no.
Welding Transformer 400Amps M/c2 No.
Bending M/c1No..
Gas Cutting M/c4 Set
Pug Machine Esab2 Nos.
Synergic Mig / Mag Welding Machine 600Amps Esab1 No.
Welding Rectifier 600 Amps Esab4 Nos.
Welding Rectifier 800 Amps Sunshine2 Nos.
SAW Welding Machine 1200Amps Esab2 Nos.
Bosch - Heavy-Duty Angle Grinders AG-92 Nos.
Electrode Baking Oven2 No.
Flux Baking Oven1 No.
Bosch - Heavy-Duty Angle Grinders AG-74 Nos.
Bosch - Heavy-Duty Angle Grinders AG-44 Nos.
Circular Gas cutter1 Set
Heavy Duty Magnet Drill machine Ralliwolf1 No.
Portable Drill Machine2 Nos.
D.G. Set 125 KVA1 Set
Power Factor Contr. (Capacitor Panel)1 set

Research & Development

Remso’s highly experienced R&D team is in close contact with its customers and the academic world, which allows us to hone our ability to foresee trends and developments and provide innovative and cost effective solution in the steel world for producing ultra clean steel.

Remso has set for itself a target of formulating at least 3 new innovative products in a year and we have been achieving it every year so far. It is through our relentless Research and Development activity that Remso has developed, Wire Injection Systems, Cored Wire, Expandable Thermocouple etc. in India. It’s the kind of know-how that our clients demand and value most. Our research facilities includes:
  • Fully equipped metallurgical Laboratory and Analytical equipment
  • Pilot plant facilities for Alloy Development, Atomizing, Wire Development
  • Engineering workshop for Wire Injection Systems, Design Facilities


Infrastructure has always been a backbone of our firm which allows us to produce the qualitative products in conformity with the international quality standards and current market trends. Our infrastructure comprises of machines and tools which facilitate the conversion of raw material into finished goods, assembling of products, product storage, raw material storage, loading and dispatch facilities. We also have a well equipped warehouse that is utilized for storing bulk production.
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