We manufacture Ladle Pre-Heating Systems up to 300 ton capacity. We have developed highly efficient REMSO-IIP Oil Burners and Ladle Heating Stations. These are operating in all the major industries in India like SAIL, Lloyd Steel, Tata Steels etc to name a few. We manufacture hydraulically or manually operated vertical ladle heating stations and trolley mounted horizontal ladle heating stations. These systems are provided with / without Recuperators.

Ladle heating systems for various applications:
  • Long & lazy flame leads to uniform heating across the Ladle length eliminating chances of any cold zone in the Ladle
  • Pioneered the unique concept of RECUPERATIVE ladle preheating system to guarantee fuel consumption as low as 1.2 ltrs/ton of Ladle capacity heated.
  • CERAMIC FIBRE is used for the lining of the system, the minimum life of the lining is One Year
  • These systems can be energized by DO/LPG/HFO /COKE OVEN GAS/OXY FUEL

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