Quality Management

Remso pursues quality in all aspects of its business – manufacturing, process control, product design, application and most importantly, in its people. One of the main pillars of REMSO’s strength is the rigorous quality control of all its products and services by implementing “QTM”. Test methods use state of the art analytical equipments and are often specifically designed for each and every product. Along the entire process i.e. from purchasing to transportation, strict quality checks ensure that our customers get the exact quality they require.

The safety, health and security of everyone who works for us and uses our products, are regarded as critical to the success of our business.

Our goals, simply stated:

  • No accidents,
  • No harm to men and machine.
  • Eco-friendly products and process.

We continuously access the impact of our total operations on health and environment and adopt only those which reduce waste, emissions & discharge and are energy efficient.

It’s the kind of know-how that our clients demand and value most.


Research & Development

Remso’s highly experienced R&D team is in close contact with its customers and the academic world, which allows us to hone our ability to foresee trends and developments and provide innovative and cost effective solution in the steel world for producing ultra clean steel.

Remso has set for itself a target of formulating atleast 3 new innovative products in a year and we have been achieving it every year so far.

It is through our relentless Research and Development activity that Remso has developed, Wire Injection Systems, Cored Wire, Expandable Thermocouple etc. in India.

It’s the kind of know-how that our clients demand and value most.

Our research facilities includes:

  • Fully equipped metallurgical Laboratory and Analytical equipment.
  • Pilot plant facilities for Alloy Development, Atomizing, Wire Development.
  • Engineering workshop for Wire Injection Systems, Design Facilities.

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