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Equipments for Core Sector

We Manufacture, Supply, Trade & Export a wide range of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Steel Plant, Cement Plant, Steel Rolling Mill, Sugar Mill, Fertilizer Company, Paper Mill, Building Constructions Equipment, Petrochemicals Industry from spare parts to complete mills or Plants etc for all core sectors industries.


Remso has also diversified its activities in the area of Equipment Builder, Engineering and Consultancy Services, Technology Supplier and Turnkey Contractor for undertaking projects.

Continuous Casting MachineGet Quotation
Molten metal from Steel Melt Shop is to feed material for Continuous Casting Machine of Billets, Blooms and Rounds. These are then sent to various Rolling Mills for subsequent Remso offer custom made Continuous Casting Machine according on user’s request & is used for continuously cast plain carbon steel, low carbon, medium & high carbon, alloy steel and stainless steels into the square Billet, Bloom, Bar, the cross section of 80×80, 100×100 or 120×120, 150×150 mm with length of 6m/11m operated by automatic control system. We can provide single strand, double strands and multiple strands CCM as well as straightening machine, automatic cutting machine, billet cooling bank, billet spreader, molten steel spreader and other auxiliary devices and facilities such as soft water treatment and water cooling system.


  • Minimum transition time from existing ingot making to billet plant making almost without affecting existing plant productivity
  • The required casting platform size is 6 m x 9 m for single strand and suitable for existing ingot making plants
  • Flexibility of operating each strand independently for optimized caster usage according to availability of molten metal
  • Flexible configuration with possibility of up gradation and expansion by adding modules
  • Substantial saving due to reduced scale generation
  • Complete support for direct rolling


Main Equipments Of Continuous Casting Machine:



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Hot Metal Handling EquipmentGet Quotation
Remso designs and manufactures Hot Metal Handling Equipment for Steel Plants, Ladle Transfer Car, Coils Car, Hot Slab Transfer Car, Billet Transfer car, Scrap transfer car, Scrap Charging System, Tundish Car, Ladle Car, EOT Crane, heavy duty Electric Over Head (EOT) cranes for application in Steel Plant and Core Sector. The highest capacity crane designed & manufactured so far is 200 T Ladle Crane for handling hot liquid metal

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Ladle Transfer Car and TrolleyGet Quotation
Remso is the leading manufacturers of Ladle Transfer Car from 20 Ton to 300Ton.  Ladle Transfer car is for transporting a ladle of hot metal and charging the metal to a furnace used in steelmaking.  We also manufacture Ladle car that includes a movable trolley which carries a tiltable support for a ladle. Tilting of the ladle is independent of  movement of the trolley. Thus the car can be positioned adjacent the furnace and tilted to dump its contents into the furnace even though the furnace itself is not tilted to a precise position.

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Hydraulic Arm Manipulator Scrap Pusher PokerGet Quotation

Scrap Poker Arm Manipulator

The Remso Induction Furnace Arm Manipulator designs incorporates horizontal movement, forward and reversemovement of the telescopic armand a large bearing base for swing movement forRotating or Swing of the arm to the left and right of center and extended travel to a parking position. The vertical movements of the Poking Probe attached with the telescopic boom is carryout by the hydraulic cylinder.

Remso Hydraulic ScrapPusher consists ofRotary column assembly, Swing bearing, External boom assembly, internal boom assembly, Rotary GearedMotor, Lifting cylinder, Push-pull cylinder, Hydraulic Power pack, Electric control system.

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Steel Melt Shop EquipmentsGet Quotation

Remso manufactures numerous casting, pouring, and ladle metallurgy turrets, along with all associated melt shop materials handling equipment.

  • Ladle
  • Ladle Tilters
  • Ladle Rotators
  • Ladle Turrets
  • Ladle Stands
  • Tundish Equipment (Stands, Tilters, and more)
  • Scrap Buckets
  • Alloy Additive Systems
  • Treatment Equipment (CAS-OB, RH-OB, and more)
  • Slag Raking Machine / Slag Skimmers
  • Lances
  • Lifting Devices


Remso offers a multi-dimensional product line of Hot Metal and Ladle Handling Systems.  Remso is a leading supplier for Specialty and Melt Shop Transfer Cars and heavy capacity-related equipment for steel mill applications, as well as for an array of industries including: aerospace, power, copper and brass, fiberglass, mining, and shipyards.


Our production list includes standard and custom-designed ladle transfer cars, tundish transfer cars, bottom pouring cars, coke transfer/door machines cars, low-profile generator transfer cars, coil transfer cars and more. Rated capacities range from 5 ton to 500 tons, and speeds from 20 fpm to 1,200 fpm.


REMSO also designs and builds various casting, pouring, and metallurgy stations and turrets, along with all other associated melt shop material handling equipment. In addition, we're the leading expert on Hertz Stress-related applications. 

Ladle Treatment Systems 
REMSO designs and manufactures custom RH-OB and LMF Transfer Systems, including: Vessel Exchange Cars, Ladle Lift Stations, and Ladle Transfer Cars, Weigh Bins, and Transfer Cars.

Alloy Additive Systems 

Remso designs and manufactures custom Alloy Additive Systems to meet your melt shop needs.  These Alloy Additive Systems include: Vibratory Hoppers, Conveyors, Weigh Bins, and Transfer Cars.

Transfer Car Systems 

Remso is a leading designer and manufacturer of all types of Transfer Cars and Transporters.

Skimming Stations 

Remso designs and manufactures custom Alloy Additive Systems to meet your melt shop needs.  These Alloy Additive Systems include: Vibratory Hoppers, Conveyors, Weigh Bins, and Transfer Cars

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Electric Arc FurnaceGet Quotation
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) design considers always for short tap-to-tap times thanks to several technologies such as:
  • UHP (Ultra High Power) design, with high secondary voltages and longer arc
  • High current conducting electrode arms in copper cladded box design
  • State-of-the-art electrode control system
  • Extensive use of alternative energy sources (chemical energy)
  • Better energy and thermal balance inside the furnace to the multi unit injection.
  • High yield of alloy additives and high ladle refractory life.
  • Slag free tapping.
  • More heat input in cold EBT area due to special design of EBT burner system.
  • Heavy construction design to sustain hard working conditions, allowing very fast movements and safe operations.
  • High flexibility and high efficiency of furnace operation with closed slag door application

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Materials Handling EquipmentGet Quotation

Remso designs and manufactures EOT Crane, heavy duty Electric Over Head (EOT) cranes for application in Steel Plant and Core Sector. The highest capacity crane designed & manufactured so far is 200 T Ladle Crane for handling hot liquid metal

Typical EOT Cranes :

• General Purpose EOT Cranes for workshops and engineering sector up to 200T
• Ladle Crane for handling Hot metal Ladles in Steel and metallurgical plant up to 200T
• Tundish Handling Crane
• Soaking pit cranes for steel plant application
• Soaking pit cover carriage cranes for steel plant application
• Slab handling Tong cranes for steel plant application
• Magnet Grab Cranes
• Plate Handling & Searing Cranes
• Bridge Reloader Grab Cranes
• Four girder double Trolley semi portal Scrap Charging Crane
• Cantilever Roof mounted Tower Crane

Competitive Advantages of the product

Special Features: 

• Digital AC Vector Drive for smooth control and creep speed
• Regenerative Active Front End (AFE) Converters for energy efficient operation
• Interface to automation systems
• Planetary Gear system
• Emergency Braking system
• AC operators cabin and electrical panel room
• Weighing system with VHF communication to ground station
• Anti collision system
• Radio remote control
• Automatic Track and wire rope lubrication system


Main Markets/Key Customers : STEEL & ENGG, POWER, DEFENCE & CORE SECTORS


Quality Process Certifications : ISO 9001:2008


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Foundry LadleGet Quotation

Remso specializing in design and manufacture of foundry ladles.


We provide a range of high quality products, manufactured by engineers,

using proven designs combined with the latest manufacturing techniques.


We provide tailor-made solutions for your molten metal handling requirements;


We can offer:

• Transfer & casting ladles.

• Teapot spout ladles.

• Treatment ladles for the production of ductile (S.G.) iron.

• Porous plug ladles for desulphurisation processes.

• Bottom pouring ladles.

• Lip-axis pouring ladles.

• Drum & U shaped ladles.

• Ladles for auto-pour units.

• Lining formers for ladles.


Treatment Ladles for ductile (S.G.) Iron can be offered for the following processes:

  • Open top/ deep treatment (sandwich).
  • Tun-dish
  • Teapot Spout
  • Wire Feed
  • Ladle carrier

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CaSi Cored Wire Feeding MachineGet Quotation
Remso cored wire injection machine is design with unique feature of load cell based weighing system for comparison and accurate feeding. The standard system offered is an encoder-based length of wire fed to weight conversion system for one two four and six stands wire injection system or wire injection machine. The feeders are compact, flexible and reliable with a high degree of efficiency and integrated with hardware & software. The equipment is designed for the needs of Large to small metallurgical plants.

Design Features:

  • Single track or multiple track machines
  • Feeding of cored wire or solid Al-wire
  • Wire size range from 6 -21 mm diameter
  • Horizontal or vertical feeding arrangement
  • Telescopic feeding system with Guide Pipes

Machine Features:

  • Three pinch rolls for each strand
  • Injection speed 30-300 M/min
  • Velocity control-1 mtr /min
  • The wires can be injected simultaneously

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Ladle Refining FurnaceGet Quotation

LRF is use to desulphurize steel, remove other impurities and hold the molten steel for casting operations. The LRFs acts as a buffer between the Steel Making Furnace and the continuous caster, reducing casting costs and allowing greater flexibility in steel making operations. Thus it is the important metallurgical equipment for refining the high quality carbon steel , alloyed constructional steel , bearing steel , tool steel , stainless steel and etc. and can meet the demand of continuous casting and tandem rolling.

LF, VOD, LFV, VAD optional series according to the different function of the ladle refiner.  Arc heating, vacuum degassing, argon stirring, oxygen decarbonization, normal pressure or vacuum feeding, temperature measuring, Aluminum adding, Steel treatment provided in the refining installation.

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Scrap Baling MachineGet Quotation

Scrap Baling Machine

Remso offer Metal Scrap Baling Press Machines, Cotton Baling Machine, paper bailing machine.


Single compression scrap baling machine
This light duty scrap baling machine is having single compression and capable to bale up to 50 KG. in weight.


Double compression scrap baling machine
This is a medium duty scrap baling machine. having two hydraulic compressions.


Tripple compression scrap baling machine

This is extra heavy scrap baling press having three hydraulic compressions.


Salient Features

Highly Automated but very simple in operation through two nos. Manually operated Direction Control Value. One to operate the top lid and another to press the scrap.

Single compact unit mounted over channel, Front Door Operation Manually (Closing & Opening)

No civil foundation required...

Simple operating system

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Ladle Drying and Preheating stationGet Quotation

Ladle drying & Preheating station for SMS

Fuel: Natural Gas / Corex/Mixed Gas /LDO/HFO/Coke Oven Gas
Ladle Preheating Station supporting frame completed with hydraulic equipment for lifting & lowering of burner with hydraulic cylinders, fan & air delivery pipe for air delivering to the burner, gas distribution equipment with monitoring & control sensors & safety valve, local control panel. Lifting & lowering frame with heating unit completed with :

  • Burner
  • Refractory-lined cover for steel casting ladle
  • Position sensors for movable frame
  • Gas pipeline & air pipeline
  • Flame & temperature control sensors
  • The drying & heating station will dry up to 800°C & heating up to 1100-1200°C

Control and automation system  


Control panel, monitoring and control instruments which ensure the technological process and operation of gas cleaning system shall be connected to one switchboard. The control and indication panel for equipment operating and process data controlling shall be placed on the switchboard. A touch panel of type Simatic MP shall be provided for the operating mode choosing, entering of the casting ladle number and visualization of actual information.


The system shall organize as a hierarchical many-level-system which includes:


  • The control systems & the data collection systems from the technological sensors, regulators, actuating devices etc. (level 0)
  • The automatic control & adjustment by means of controllers (level 1)

The automatic control systems have following functions:

Natural gas, compressed air and oxygen consumption control, Instantaneous value recording for gas consumption and temperature with reference to the ladle number which will be entered by the operator at the start of the drying and heating process.


  • Automatic signalizing of the technological data deviation from the indicated limits or equipment failure, the personnel notification as well as the recording of such incidents
  • Occasionally system blocking by safety reason
  • Information exchange between the automation systems of the workshop
  • Data storage for providing of operation history when required

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Alloys Cored WireGet Quotation
Alloys Cored Wire is an intelligent alloying solution in secondary metallurgy. It can precisely control composition of metal during ladle treatment to produce ultra clean quality steel & efficient use of plant equipment. Our cored wire is characterized by a defined powder i.e. Deoxidant, dsulfurizer alloy encapsulated in steel sheath & gives a well-controlled weight & uniform distribution of powder per meter over entire length. INJECTION TECHNOLOGY: The wire Injection is carried out in full ladle either in a Ladle furnace, a Ladle station or Tundish, using a specially designed wire feeder. By using feeding machine the cored wire is injected into the bottom of ladle at desired speed. The powder will eventually get dispersed along with the melting of wire sheath and will react with the liquid steel. As a result the following treatments will be achieved: •Desulfurizing, deoxidizing & alloying. •Improving morphology of steel as well as the machinability. •Refining, to obtain clean steels with low oxygen and sulfur contents. •Avoid Nozzle clogging •Improving isotropic properties of steel. •Addition of alloying elements with precise trimming of the chemical composition of the steel

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Tundish Drying and Preheating SystemGet Quotation

Tundish drying and heating  station

Tundish drying and heating station for melted steel placed in the aisle of continuous casting.

Application: for drying and heating of tundish ladle refractory lining.

Fuel: Natural gas/ Corex/Mixed Gas / HFO / LDO

Tundish Station supporting frame completed with hydraulic equipment for lifting and lowering of burner and with hydraulic cylinders, fan and air delivery pipe for air delivering to the burner, gas distribution equipment with monitoring and control sensors and safety valve, local control panel.

Lifting and lowering frame with heating unit completed with:

  • Burner
  • Lined protective hood
  • Position sensors for movable frame
  • Gas pipeline and air pipeline
  • Flame and temperature control sensors
  • The drying and heating station shall ensure the drying up to 600°C during max. and heating up to 1100 – 1200°C during max

The system is totally automatic control organized as a hierarchical many-level-system which includes:

  • Level for the control systems and the data collection systems from the technological sensors, regulators, actuating devices etc. (level 0)
  • Level for the automatic control and adjustment by means of controllers (level 1)

The automatic control systems have following functions:

  • Natural gas, compressed air and oxygen consumption control
  • Instantaneous value recording for gas consumption and temperature with reference to the ladle number which will be entered by the operator at the start of the drying and heating process
  • Informing about the operating process and the equipment status
  • Adjustment devices control while task entering in the visualization system
  • System of the heating modes which shall be kept in the PLC. The possibility for modification of the modes by the process engineer and for choosing of the modes from the upper level of the control


  • Automatic signalizing of the technological data deviation from the indicated limits or equipment failure, the personnel notification as well as the recording of such incidents
  • Occasionally system blocking by safety reason
  • Information exchange between the automation systems of the workshop
  • Data storage for providing of operation history when required

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Scrap Management & Optimisation Solutions for Steel PlantGet Quotation

Best Practice scrap management

Best-in-Class scrap management allows the Steelmaker to:

  • Downgrade/reject merchant scrap loads
  • Reduce scrap yard landfill costs
  • Minimise scrap stocks
  • Optimise scrap charges

Consequences of poor scrap management:

  • EAF delays waiting for scrap
  • Incorrect weights charged
  • Low yields
  • Increased slag volumes
  • Missed specifications
  • Increased refractory wear

Optimum scrap mix is charged each and every time on time – the correct weight, the correct quality, zero delays

  • Full inspection, including state of the art radiation detection for all purchased scrap
  • Proactive reporting of scrap deliveries to enable cash recovery associated with OOS loads, rejected loads and
    contaminated loads
  • Real time IT control for internal and purchased scrap with full stock tracking and reporting system
  • Full traceability and accountability of scrap throughout site so that potential for fraud can be eliminated
  • For carrying scrap / sponge iron in a large open top container or in charging baskets across bays.
  • Four integrated operating modules for cost-effective management of the entire scrap supply chain,with full segregation and traceability.

Scrap system can unlock significant savings

  • Save on external scrap purchasing
  • Realise the maximum value of internal scrap
  • Charge the optimum scrap mix on time, every time

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Plate Rolling & Bending Job work in Greater NoidaGet Quotation
We have a spare capacity of 20 Ton per day for Plate Rolling / Bending / Welding services from our state-of-the-art facility in Delhi ( NCR ) at Greater Noida.

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Slag Raking MachineGet Quotation

REMSO offers slag skimmer. It is used to rake the slag layer from the surface of molten metal. This reduces the metallurgical load. It is a hydraulically operated machine of sturdy construction for use in steel plants. It is designed to facilitate digging into the crust of hot metal and skim the slag out of the ladles etc. The designincorporates horizontal rake movement and a large bearing base for slew movement.

The following motions are possible:

  • Forward and Reverse movement of the Raking Arm
  • Rotation or slew of the rake arm to the left and right of center and extended travel to the right to a parked position
  • Vertical movements of the Rake Arm
  • There are various type of mounting arrangements depending on the customer's hot metal shop layout and the area available for skimming

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Automatic Bloom and Billet Grinding MachineGet Quotation

Remso offer high technology grinding equipment. This indieoues innovative design increased plants production capacities and set new safety and environmental standards for noise, fumes, and dust control.

The surface conditioning process carried out by the grinding machines to some of the most important specialty steel, stainless steel and super alloy producers. Remso offer in-line hot slab grinding machine, which provides high material removal rates and ensures a continuous material flow from the CCM to the hot rolling mill or surface conditioning stainless steel and carbon steel slabs as a prime alternative to scarfing. Remso also supply ultra-high-power spindles that practically double the grinding machine productivity.

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Vacuum Oxygen Refining FurnaceGet Quotation
VD / VOD process reduces the gas content, particularly hydrogen and carbon, as well as reducing non- metallic inclusions by subjection the molten metal to a vacuum. VOD’s and VD’s are used when very low C-contents have to be reached. 


Features :


Control of Hydrogen upto 2ppm max
Substantial reduction in Oxygen and Nitrogen levels
Total slag metal interaction for ensuring cleanliness
Can maintain vacuum at 1mm bar                             


Control of final Carbon to 0.015%
Excellent recoveries of costly alloys
All Special stainless heats can be cast

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3 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending MachineGet Quotation

The three roll bending machine is considered to be the quickest, most precise and easiest to be operated bending machine.

One side roller can be used as the block to keep the work piece form a right angle which is parallel to the lower roller. The plate leveling operation is simple and three person is enough for operation.

After leveling the plate, the upper roller and the lower roller will clamp the plate. As a result the pre-bending and rolling is much easy and safe, no risk of slipping.

The cone rolling is much easy and the biggest angle is less than 300. The working ability is one-third of the usual. The degree of dip of the side roller can decide the angle of cone. The lower roller also will dip to clamp and drive the work piece.

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Rotary KilnGet Quotation

Rotary kiln is rotate calcination kiln, Rotary kiln can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln according to different materials. Cement kiln is used for making of cement clinker and there are dry and wet methods to make cement. Metallurgy chemical kiln is used in metallurgy industry and ironworks for lean iron ore, chromium ore and ferronickel ore calcination, which is used for calcining of high aluminum vandal ochre in refractory material industry; for calcining of calotte and aluminum hydroxide in aluminum manufacturer; for calcining of chrome sand ore and chrome powder ore in chemical plant. Lime kiln are used for calcine dolomite and active lime which is used in steel plant and ferroalloy factory.

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Heavy Steel Plate Turnover DeviceGet Quotation
Remso offers Heavy Plate, Slab, Thick Plate, Steel Sheet Turnover Device consists of Frame, Receiving Arm and Lifting Arm fitted with rollers, Electro hydraulic driven and complete with rotational sensor hydraulic turndown rig, etc. This machine is also equipped with crank- rocker mechanism or gear mechanism, mainly ideal for 180° steel plate turn over Device.

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Tundish Tilting Turnover DeviceGet Quotation

Tundish Tilting Devices are specially designed andmanufactured according to customer specification.

Tundish flipping machine is use for dispose molten steel scale into scale pit after completing casting without using the crane to turn down tundish.

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Torpedo Ladle CarGet Quotation
Pioneers in the industry, we offer torpedo ladle car and torpedo ladle heating station from India.

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clamshell grab bucketsGet Quotation
Our product range includes a wide range of sugarcane grabber and mild steel clamshell bucket.

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Carbon Injector MachineGet Quotation
Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include carbon injection dispenser and carbon and flux injection system.

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Coal & Gas based DRI PlantGet Quotation
We are a leading manufacturer of Coal / Gas based DRI Plant.

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Rolling MachineGet Quotation
Providing you the best range of sheet rolling machine, ss plate rolling machine and plate roller with effective & timely delivery.

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Injection LanceGet Quotation
Leading Manufacturer of injection lance . from Greater Noida.

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Lance Carriage Guiding SystemGet Quotation

Gas stirring for homogenization of both, temperature and chemical composition during the treatment of the heat in the ladle furnace station is usually realized by gas purging through one or more porous plugs located in the ladle bottom. In case the ladle purging plug fails to open, the REMSO emergency top lance system can still save the heat.


REMSO design features:


  • Lance carriage driven by chain / Rope system.
  • Oxygen lance is guided by rollers and rails on the running faces of the guide cage.
  • Oxygen Pipe is made of ASTM 312/321
  • Lance is clamped to the carriage by clamping arrangement.
  • A bracket fitted to the lance carriage serves for the connection of the oxygen and the water cooling system.
  • Guide track is steel structure which guides the lance carriage
  • Vertical swiveling column.
  • Local or remote control.
  • Magazine for stirring Lance Storage.
  • Automatic start of gas flow when lowering the lance.
  • Quick coupling for quick connection and disconnection.
  • Collision interlock.

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Thermocouple and Immersion SensorGet Quotation
We manufacture Thermocouple, Temperature Sensor Probes & Sampler that include disposable thermocouple and immersion sampler for Steel Plant. Simple and easy to operate, these instruments are known for their superior quality and ensure longer working life. These products are based on latest technology and yield optimum and longer working life.

Expendable Thermocouple Tips

• R type - Platinum vs. Platinum Rhodium 13%
• S type - Platinum vs. Platinum Rhodium 10%
• B type - Platinum Rhodium 30% vs. Platinum Rhodium 6%

Remso offers its customers Thermocouple Tips in two models:
Standard Model - Paper tube ID: 28.2mm
Miniature Model - Paper tube ID: 18.2 mm
Paper Tubes Lengths: Remso provides Thermocouple Tips with varying lengths of paper tubes.

The lengths readily available are:
300 mm, 600mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm. In addition, there is flexibility of providing Thermocouple Tips in the lengths of paper tubes as per customer requirements.

• Consistency in readings
• Accuracy in readings.

Immersion Sampler

Remso manufactures Immersion Samplers in the following shapes:
• Round
• Oval
• Stepped

Paper tube lengths:
Remso provides Immersion Samplers with varying lengths of paper tubes.

The lengths readily available are 400 mm, 600mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm and 1700 mm.

In addition, there is a flexibility of providing Immersion Samplers in the lengths of paper tubes as per customers’ requirements.

• Samples can be obtained within 4 seconds
• Samples are easily detachable from the spoon
• De-oxidants as per customer requirements (Plain, Aluminium, Titanium, Zirconium)
• Minimal preparation required on the sample for analysis
• Zero defect samples (absence of pin holes).

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Automatic Temperature Sampling ManipulatorGet Quotation
The REMSO Temperature, Oxygen, Carbon & Sampling Manipulator is mounted on support structure, which swivels from a parking position to the measuring position. The RTSM, provides the possibility to measure temperature and to take a sample by means of disposable cardboard Immersion Sampler.

Working Principle

The temperature measurement is an integral part of tracking progress throughout the tap-to-tap cycle in steel making. Expendable probes are also used for tracking bath carbon content and dissolved oxygen levels in the steel. These tools have enabled the tap-to-tap cycle to be accelerated by eliminating long waiting periods for lab results, thus increasing productivity. Disposable probes are typically mounted in cardboard sleeves that slide on to a steel probe (pole) which has internal electrical contacts. The disposable probe transmits an electrical signal to the steel pole, which in turn transmits the signal to an electronic unit for interpretation. Almost all probes rely on an accurate temperature measurement to precisely calculate carbon or oxygen levels.

The TSM from parking position to working / measuring position and back is fully automated. The complete system of RTSM and swiveling support can be supplemented by an Automatic Probe Changer with a magazine of lance tips. Which also break the SLAG and take the sample and temperature.

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Slag Destroying MachineGet Quotation







The Furnace Tending Vehicle is used for carrying out the following tending and  maintenance operations on the holding furnaces in the cast house.


Skimming-off slag skulls of the ladle mouth and Dross from the liquid metal Surface.

Stirring the liquid metal, alloying metals and fluxes perfectly.

Dosing of degassing in the liquid metal with special tool.

Demolishing of old refractory brick lining.

Chipping out the top of steel ladle in 1000°C.

Destroying/ Demolition of the refractory bricks of steel and cast iron ladles.

Removing and fixing of  the porous plug located on the bottom of steel ladle in hot condition.

 Changing the inner cup of steel ladle in hot condition.

Stirring the liquid metal to mix alloying metals and fluxes perfectly.

Chiseling and removing the Slag and Dross built up on the furnace lining and furnace hearth, de

     bricking using special breaking attachments.

Mouth Jam Cleaning in hot conditions.


The furnace tending vehicle is equipped with under carriage mounted on crawler with flat shoes. The upper – structure is attached with a 2 section telescopic boom with various tending attachment shall be rigged for above mentioned operations

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Automatic Heavy Mild Steel Plate Grinding MachineGet Quotation
Our range of products include billet grinding machine.

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Vibratory Furnace ChargerGet Quotation

Vibrating furnace charger is effective solutions to problems such as high labour cost, hazards operators faced in foundries, melting shops etc. Such a kind of automation allows foundry men to work at a safe distance thus preventing injuries arising out of molten metal splash. It also facilitates in rapid and quick charging of the furnace thereby allowing maximum utilization of the furnace, in addition to this, the damage to furnace lining is avoided which normally occurs in manual charging of the furnaces.

vibratory furnace chargers basically comprise of the following parts

· Vibrating Feeder suitable for delivering required capacity.

· Storage hopper of required capacity.

· Moving carriage with driving arrangement.

· Control panel for operating the system.

· Cable reeling Drum / Cable Drag Chain (Optional)

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Vacuum Oxygen DecarburizerGet Quotation

The vacuum oxygen decarburizer (VOD), an oxygen lance in the centre of the tank lid to enhance carbon removal under vacuum. The VOD is often used to lower the carbon content of high-alloy steels without also overoxidizing such oxidizable alloying elements as chromium. This is possible because, in the pressure-dependent carbon-oxygen reaction.

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Argon Oxygen Decarburization ConverterGet Quotation
A.O.D. Convertor is installed near to the furnace. The desired scrap will be melted down in the Furnaces. The molten metal at temperature of 1580°-1600°C will be transferred to the A.O.D. Convertor Vessel via over head crane to refind to the desired chemical composition by addition of required Alloys/Fluxes and use of various gases. The gases media such as Oxygen. Nitrogen, Argon & Compressed Air are injected into A.O.D. Convertor through High Blowing rate Tuyers along with oxygen Top lance for good mixing effect and excellent Heat efficiency.

AOD,Argon Oxygen Decarburization, is a process for making stainless steel and other high grade alloys by allowing precise gas manipulation. Since stainless steels need to be further refined, oxygen, gradually replaced by argon, is blown through the molten steel to eliminate impurities.

This refining process produces steel with low carbon properties (.01% or lower) and low silicon levels, which, in turn, creates a metal that has better weldability (can reduce weld electrode use by over 50%), and is more corrosion resistant, malleable, and heat resistant.


  • AOD is increasingly used to improve alloy performance.
  • Control cost by capturing and reusing machine chips
  • Recycling of raw materials with guaranteed high purity.

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Offering you a complete choice of products which include metal sheet bending machine.

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New ItemsGet Quotation
tractor backhoe loader, tractor front end loader, pipe bending machine, aluminium melting furnace and bull backhoe loader

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